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GOTTA was created in September 2009 as a lighting design company
and aims to produce, coordinate events and shows,
in Japan and abroad. We are honored to fill our curriculum with various shows and events launched across Japan and supporting production in many other countries like the USA, South Africa, Ukraine,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico and others.
GOTTA offers technical support for foreign artists to perform
Japan, as well as Japanese artists who perform abroad.
In addition to technical and artistic productions, we are also available for
help with recruiting a full range of technical team designers, operators, stage hands, translators, stage managers, production managers, for your company in Japan.
We are now expanding our services with our new partners to accommodate the full range of services in the industry. From the concept → design → production → creation → realization.


現在、お客様のあらゆるニーズに対応するため、新しいサービス拡充を進めております。コンセプト→ デザイン → 制作 → 製作 → 実現まで。


Here is a peak of some recently done shows.

Click on the picture to check some of the recently shows we've done in a wide range of venues. From cubs, theater, arena and festivals.


A sample of some cooporate events we've done recently. 

Coorporate Events is where we have the  "mission" to be Creative, Unique, Impact and at the same time Preservative of clients brand.


A sample of some musical we've done recently.

As a lighting Designer,I love the Musical gigs. Is when my product becomes not just part of the set but revives the moment of the script.


A sample of visualization we provide to our clients of their event before we arrive at the venue. 

Our concept is to keep the client well informed along the whole proccess of creation to avoid misunderstanding or deception. 
We provide the simulation and visualization to our clients in real time if / when any change is need along the develop of the design.


A sample of some projection events we've done recently.

Here is some idea of having projection into the show to build the atmosphere of the event without necessary build the whole set and incresing the budget.


A sample of some events we've done recently.

Please find some other events and production pictures.